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Dock Boards /dock plates

Aluminum Dock Plates

An aluminum dock plate is ideal for low to medium volume dock loading applications. Aluminum dockplates should be used with hand trucks only. Dock plates are NOT to be used with power equipment such as fork lift trucks. Use a dock board for fork lift applications.

The aluminum dock plates below are manufactured and tested in compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2.

Aluminum Dock Plate (A-B)Aluminum Dock Plate (A-B)

  • Recommended for nonpowered dock loading applications
  • Low-cost solution to light dock loading activity applications
  • Bolt-on steel legs for securing position between the dock and the trailer
  • Manufactured and Tested in Compliance with ANSI Standard MH30.2
  • OSHA 1910.3 Compliant

Lip bend is 11f. Standard lip length for conventional trailers is 11", option of 14" for refrigerated applications. Aluminum dock plates are designed to work well with pallet trucks or other non-powered dock loading equipment. Machine beveled deck edges allow for smooth transition. Wide range of dock plate sizes available.

Aluminum Dock Plates offer a low-cost solution to bridging the gap between trucks, trailers and your loading dock.

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Spring Loaded Dock Plate

Spring Loaded Aluminum Dock Plate

Patent # US D633,684 S

A Spring Loaded Dock Plate (SL Plate) solves a problem in some common situations. Many times a dock services the exact same truck or type of trucks several times per shift. If the loads are loaded or unloaded by handtruck, dollie or other manual methods the SL plate may be the answer.

The aluminum dock plate is fitted with a pair of spring loaded attachments that fix it in place to the dock floor. These springs allow the dock plate to be quickly and safely lowered into place for use. When finished the dock plate is lifted, aided by the springs, into it’s vertical storage position ready for the next truck. It is mounted top of dock so there is no major installation process. Most customers have the personnel and tools to do the job.

  • Optional Kick Plate CoverPlease call us at 800-433-2212 to obtain a budgetary quote. This quote can be quickly obtained based on size estimates and is good for 30 days, subject to changes required by the completed worksheet.
  • The SL Plate is very site specific and a worksheet must be completed at the time of order. Completion of this worksheet will allow us to specify the exact plate size, bend specs and spring weight. We will be able to quote you an exact price and delivery time, usually within 48 hours.

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Aluminum Ramps for Cylinders
AWL Aluminum Ramp for Cylinders
Manufactured and Tested in Compliance with
ANSI Standard MH30.2

AWC Aluminum Ramp
AWC Aluminum Ramp for Cylinders
Manufactured and Tested in Compliance with
ANSI Standard MH30.2

Aluminum Ramps for Cylinders

Bluff’s AWL and AWC Aluminum Plates are specially designed for the safe transport and distribution of industrial, medical and specialty gases. Unique to Bluff, the AWL and AWC plates are made of 3/8” aluminum diamond plate. These plates are light enough to be easily maneuvered by hand yet strong enough to accommodate capacities of up to 4,720 lbs.

In the gas cylinder distribution process, steel cylinder pallets are used to hold both filled and depleted cylinders. These pallets are typically three inches off the ground and present a logistical challenge in the manual removal of the cylinders. The heavy cylinders are individually and manually rolled off the pallet onto the dock or warehouse floor, without the use of a hand truck. Many distributors simply roll the cylinders off the three-inch height differential, ignoring the continuous potential for damage to the cylinder or dock/warehouse concrete floor with repeated cylinder impact. Additionally, there is a very real danger of losing control of the weighty cylinder during the drop resulting in potentially significant personnel injury and property damage.

When Bluff’s AWL and AWC plates are used as ramps for the gas cylinders, they prevent damage to the cylinder, while minimizing the risk of personnel injury and property damage. Manufactured and tested in compliance with ANSI standard MH30.2, our plates provides a smooth transition surface for manually maneuvering the cylinders in a fully controlled manner.

AWL and AWC Aluminum Plates


EZ Roll

Options for Dock Plates

Ez-Roll Handles

  • One person positioning of a dock plate without the use of a forklift
  • Telescoping/self-storing handles

Lifting Chains

Allows for use of a forklift in dock plate placement

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