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Custom Yard Ramp


Bluff Manufacturing realizes that a yard ramp is not a “one size fits all” product and there are situations that require modifications to our standard specifications. We are happy to help. A custom yard ramp can easily be designed and built without slowing the production process or increasing the cost.

While Bluff Manufacturing’s standard yard ramps fulfill 80 percent of our customers’ applications, we are always ready and willing to build a custom yard ramp to help make a customer’s operations more efficient or safer by designing the product for the specific application.

Below are a few examples that may require a custom yard ramp:

  • Odd shaped loading area
  • No access to areas
  • Need for additional capacity at a loading dock (overflow)
  • Certain type of equipment used in loading

By determining a customer’s needs before the order is placed, the standard specifications of our yard ramps can easily be modified to accommodate unique situations:

  • Odd widths and lengths and capacities
  • Railing
  • Level offs of extended length (to facilitate loading long items)
  • Different types of grating or decking
  • Galvanizing
  • Addition of edge of docks (either power or manual)
  • Work platforms that work to form an entire remote loading dock

In our 41 year history, Bluff Manufacturing has built thousands of yard ramps, of which at least 10 – 15 percent have been customized in some way. Quite simply, customization is part of our standard service. For more information or assistance in ordering a custom yard ramp, contact Bluff Manufacturing today: 800-433-2212 or management@bluffmanufacting.com

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