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Mezzanines/Steel Structures

A Frame Slab Transport Rack

Stone slab handling rack uniquely designed for use in transport as well as showroom display. Extreme heavy duty construction provides unmatched durability. Innovative safety features furnish secondary bracing and support system to safeguard your personnel and to protect your materials.

A Frame Slab Transport RackA-Frame Slab Transport Rack

  • Dimensions of 72”x95”x92” with 6,000 lb capacity each side
  • All welded steel frame manufactured from extreme heavy-duty steel pipe and structural channel steel – no bolting
  • 3 steel crossbars per side maximize frame strength
  • Timber-faced steel structure and 4”x4” pressure treated wood base stud along angled steel base protect material and increase stability
  • Anchor plates supplied for delivery truck mounting
  • Frames are 100% inspected by certified welder and uniquely marked with ID code for tracking.

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