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A GSA Contract and what it means for Bluff Manufacturing!

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Wrapping up Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and weeks of a winter apocalypse – there’s been a lot going on this February. But nothing as exciting at Bluff Manufacturing as our new GSA contract! We are now a GSA approved vendor and this opens many doors for future Government contracts.

The GSA – Government Services Administration – is one of the Federal Government’s biggest buyers providing many services and products that the Federal Government needs to do its job. The GSA is the Federal Government’s business manager, supplies and services buyer, real estate developer, telecommunications manager, computer solutions provider, and much more. In order to provide the Federal Government these goods and services, it needs to contract billions of dollars worth of goods and services from approved or GSA contracted suppliers.

Bluff Manufacturing recently received its GSA number and now holds a GSA contract. This means that Bluff is clearly eligible for Government contracts. This is a big step for Bluff Manufacturing’s business development efforts and in increasing our partnership with government agencies.

Among the many advantages, GSA contract holders enjoy the status of being preferred vendors or suppliers for Government agencies. The Government prefers to buy from contract holders because it means that the GSA has done all the groundwork in approving suppliers that have negotiated the best deal and provide the best value for the Government’s money.  As taxpayers, we benefit from the negotiating powers of the GSA and its efforts to spend our money wisely.

At Bluff, we will continue to uphold our tradition of high integrity and ethics by informing our distributors when we bid for government contracts directly so that our distributors can decide if they want to move forward with their own bid.

Bluff Manufacturing is a small business and often times, we need to partner with large businesses or other small businesses to provide a complete offering. Some government bids may require us to partner with other businesses in order to provide a complete set of loading dock and warehouse safety solutions. We welcome any such partnerships from other businesses and look forward to forming these mutually beneficial relationships.

You will soon see the familiar GSA logo on our website giving us the recognition all GSA contract holders benefit from. Stay tuned and we will continue to keep you updated on the happenings at Bluff Manufacturing.