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Avoid Costly Ice Missile Fines And Keep Other Drivers Safe with DuraSweeper

Avoid Costly Ice Missile Fines And Keep Other Drivers Safe with DuraSweeper

Home — Avoid Costly Ice Missile Fines And Keep Other Drivers Safe with DuraSweeper

Have you ever been fined for not clearing the snow off your semi-truck or bus? It’s easy to get frustrated and not do the job because it’s a hard job to do. You can’t ask your driver to climb up on top of their vehicle and remove all the snow. This also exposes you to liability and workers’ compensation costs if they fall off and get injured.

Have you ever had an “ice missile” hit your vehicle, or heard of someone who has? Ice missiles happen when the snow on top of your vehicle hardens and freezes into ice. Then, when your driver goes down the highway, large ice chunks fly off and hit the windshields of smaller vehicles, creating craters and minor injuries to drivers from shattered glass. In some cases, this can also lead to serious accidents that cause fatalities because drivers are unable to clearly see.

DuraSweeper Doesn’t Cause Any Damage to Your Vehicle’s Roof And Gets the Job Done Fast

With soft 32” bristles, the DuraSweeper brush has enough length to remove all the ice and snow from your vehicle’s roof so you comply with state law and keep the roads safe. However, the bristles are also soft enough that they don’t scratch or damage your vehicle’s roof at all. In fact, DuraSweeper adjusts itself automatically for different roof heights so you don’t even have to think about any manual adjustments.

The brush itself is set at an angle (not perpendicular) to your vehicle as it passes through. This blows the ice and snow away from your vehicle and away from the area your vehicle needs to drive though to access the DuraSweeper.

DuraSweeper has been designed and tested for use on buses, vans, trailers, wood-based flatbeds, and frac tanks. And, it does its job in a minute or less.

See DuraSweeper in action in the video below so you can see how it works:


DuraSweeper is Sturdily Built So You Don’t Have to Worry about Maintenance

Made of welded and bolted heavy steel beams, DuraSweeper can stand up against the most intense wintry conditions anywhere in the United States. The entire unit is also galvanized to ensure many years of faithful operation. A simple electrical panel makes operation easy so you can start using DuraSweeper right away without any extensive training.

Organizations like Rite Aid, Pepsico Frito-Lay, Grainger, and Wappingers Falls School District use DuraSweeper to clear dangerous snow and ice off their vehicles so they avoid unnecessary fines, don’t cause accidents, keep the roads safe, and protect their good reputations.

Just call Bluff Manufacturing and ask for “Russell” at 817.546.8560 to learn more about DuraSweeper.