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Measure twice, cut once. We’re all familiar with the old adage advising patience and precision to ensure the best possible results. But to keep up with the break-neck pace of supply and demand, some manufacturers are foregoing such attention to detail in favor of a one-size-fits-all mentality. This is not the case with Bluff Manufacturing. Bluff is all about finding the right solutions to specific problems. This is where Bluff’s cantilever rack system comes in. Rather than producing a generalized solution, Bluff’s solutions focused sales team and design engineers will take the time to assess your needs and work to generate a specific, effective solution to your storage problems.

Why use cantilever rack?

The cantilever rack’s open-faced racking design permits easier storage of wide products, maximizes storage space, and makes loading and unloading easier, compared to a standard pallet rack. Product damage due to floor storage and product stacking is minimized, while product visibility and accessibility are improved significantly, allowing for enhanced inventory management. Bluff’s cantilever arm length is easily customizable to your needs, where most imports offer little flexibility in sizing. Bluff’s bolt on construction bases offer superior stability.

Bluff is proud to offer the highest amount of specificity and capacity among competitors in their all American-made, high quality cantilever racks. Haliburton, Dyna-Drill, Busby Metals, and Schlumberger have all looked to Bluff’s cantilever racks for storage solutions and found great satisfaction.
Bluff’s Steel Structures team is ready to help you maximize productivity and grow your business using cantilever rack storage solutions.