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Cantilever Racks

Bluff Manufacturing’s cantilever racks provide superior storage solutions. Value-engineered design for an ideal configuration specific to your needs and storage space, our cantilever racks maximize space both vertically and horizontally to provide you with an economical, efficient storage and retrieval system. In addition, our Cantilever Racksall-structural steel fabrication ensures a long life for your storage investment. Below are significant benefits of using a cantilever rack in your warehouse or dock facility:

  • Minimize footprint of storage space while maximizing vertical and horizontal space density usage.
  • Capitalize on the higher lifting capacity and operational capability of current lifting equipment.
  • Avoid the expense of product loss/damage through bypassing the pile-up method of on-the-floor storage and stacking.
  • Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory control/management through improved accessibility to storage space.
  • Economy of saving increases significantly as load length, height and bulkiness increases.
  • Simple installation, low maintenance and rugged operation increase the life of your cantilever racks.

Why Choose a Cantilever Rack over a Conventional Pallet Rack System?

Cantilever racks are the racking system of choice for the orderly storage of large, bulky items with a wide range of lengths and size proportions. The horizontal load carrying arms of the cantilever rack system extend outward from a single column, while pallet rack design includes front columns. These front columns limit the length of the load and therefore diminish access to storage. Because they are not restricted by front columns, cantilever racks provide full horizontal access with no lost storage space due to rack structure. Handling clearance is much more abundant than on the pallet rack system. Additionally, the removal or picking of product is expedited by increasing the ease of access to the products. This easy access enhances the retrieval efficiency and minimizes potential damage often caused by horizontal or vertical obstructions.

How does Bluff Manufacturing Design the Optimal Cantilever Rack System?

As with all Bluff Manufacturing products, we realize one-size-does-NOT-fit-all. When you contact Bluff Manufacturing to order a cantilever rack system, our support team listens to your needs to assess your challenges and work with design engineers to create a superior storage solution specific to your situation. The size, shape and weight of your product, combined with the physical characteristics of your storage space and equipment, will drive the development of your unique solution.

Cantilever Rack SchematicArms

  • The capacity of a cantilever rack is based on the upright height and the length of the arms.
  • Cantilever rack arms are either straight (used for stable loads such as lumber, steel sheets, cartons, etc.) or inclined (used for cylindrical objects or loads which tend to roll forward). The straight arm has a very slight angle while inclined arm is further angled, specific to your needs, in order to avoid product roll-off. An end stop can also be added.
  • The number of arms per level is derived from the weight of the load in such a fashion as to avoid deflection of load.
  • The length of the arms is a function of the load size or depth and should always be longer than the load. Lengths range from 18” to 120”, with custom lengths available.
  • Arms are completely adjustable on 4” centers. Arms are welded to a mount plate which is then bolted to the upright.

Upright Column

  • Upright column height is a flexible parameter which takes into consideration the limitations of ceiling height and ceiling conditions such as sprinkler system, lighting fixtures, etc. as well as the reach of your lifting equipment.
  • The height of each level is the sum of (load height + clearance requirement + arm height).
  • The total height of the cantilever rack is the sum of the base + # of levels x (height per level).
  • High strength steel columns are either single-sided (SS) or double-sided (DS) and range in height from 8’ to 20’. Custom sizes available.
  • Columns are pre-punched on 4" centers.

Cantilever Rack Base

  • The standard base is bolt-on, but an optional welded base is available. Both options provide a stable, rigid base connection.
  • Can be used as another storage level
    • Same size as column
    • Same length as arm


  • Braces are divided in three categories, depending on the height of the column:
    1. Type I – column height up to 12’; single x-bracing
    2. Type II – column height 12’ up to 16’ ; single x-bracing with top horizontal strut
    3. Type III – column height 16’ up to 20’; double x-bracing
  • Within each column height category, braces range in length from 3’ to 10’, based on the column centerline.
  • Bracing between uprights allow for continuous rows that accommodate longer and various length items to be stored.


  • Material Tray: used as a product pan for loosely stored items of varying sizes. Can be manufactured as per requirement.
  • End Stops: for use with inclined arms to further avoid roll-off of product.

Bluff Manufacturing Cantilever RacksBluff Manufacturing Cantilever Racks

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