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Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #1 Price

You know there is no getting away from the fact that we are the solution to our own problems.  Having been in sales for longer than some of you have been alive, I have blamed everything and everyone for poor sales results.  In truth, in the material handling business, I have always had all the … Continue reading Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #1 Price

December 8.5% of your year

Writing this blog is new to my schedule.  I will try to do better…..and that got me to thinking. December is an odd month to business.  It represents as much to our annual goals as any other month and yet we treat it differently.  Are you guilty of any of the following…. All planning for … Continue reading December 8.5% of your year

Basic Information

My company has been going thru a year long initative on training. We have always trained in our functional areas and even did cross training inside of our departments. We are betting that we can become a better company if we allow all employees the opportunity to learn more about all areas. The more we … Continue reading Basic Information

Use standards to your advantage

Sometimes I buy something that is a replacement for something I have owned for a time and have either lost or just worn out. Often I am disappointed that the replacement is not of the same quality as the original. What has happened is that the marketplace has been at work while I was doing … Continue reading Use standards to your advantage