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Bluff offices and plants remain open and operational at this time and we will continue to make every effort to serve the needs of our customers.

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The Adventures of the Traveling Bluff Yard Ramp

It always takes marketing genius to come up with unique solutions. At Bluff Manufacturing, our yard ramps ship out weekly to different locations throughout the United States. These gargantuan yard ramps measure 6 – 7 feet in width, 30-36 feet in length and weigh up to 7,000 pounds with capacities ranging to 60,000 pounds. Because … Continue reading The Adventures of the Traveling Bluff Yard Ramp

The joys and peril of business travel

Most of us in the business world have had to pack our bags at one time or another and set sail on a company mission. There are so many benefits to be reaped with business travel, and at the same time so many disadvantages. Mostly people either love it or hate it, but some simply … Continue reading The joys and peril of business travel

Business cards and mailing lists

With so much online chatter and buzz generated through social media, I found myself reading an interesting discussion: Do you automatically add business cards you exchange at networking events to your online mailing list? The answers were varied and the discussion heated.  As a marketing professional myself, I am well aware that we walk a … Continue reading Business cards and mailing lists

Find us on Facebook!

Let’s face it – we are in the age of Facebook. Time as we know it will be measured as life-before-Facebook and life-after-Facebook. Facebook has become the Internet revolution unlike any other social media in that it is by far the most successful with over 500 million active users out of whom 50% login everyday. These … Continue reading Find us on Facebook!

Selling up and across your product portfolio

Bluff Manufacturing and its distributors work tirelessly and in tandem to achieve common goals to increase sales performance, profitability and customer satisfaction. To attain this goal, our partnership with our distributors must be strong and our selling techniques must be in sync. So distributors, let Bluff Manufacturing train your sales representatives for you. By training … Continue reading Selling up and across your product portfolio

Join Bluff Manufacturing’s Forum on LinkedIn Groups!

Here’s a fun and productive thing to do this hot August week – Come join our Bluff Manufacturing Forum on LinkedIn Groups! We have created our brand new user group on to provide all those interested in all things Material Handling with a platform for interactive communication. We just got started, but it’s been … Continue reading Join Bluff Manufacturing’s Forum on LinkedIn Groups!

Social Media and the Trust Factor

There are enough articles out there on the World Wide Web evangelizing the linking of social media to mainstream business (marketing to be more specific). And unarguably the merits are plenty and varied, as are some concerns. But it is hard to overlook the single most important contribution that social media has brought to current … Continue reading Social Media and the Trust Factor

Examining Marketing Myopia

In 1975, Theodore Levitt wrote an incredible article titled ‘Marketing Myopia’ that caused a paradigm shift in the business world. His theory was not new or original and was based on the philosophy of great management gurus like Peter Drucker, J.B. McKitterick, Wroe Alderson, John Howard and Neil Borden. However, his writing style, arguments and … Continue reading Examining Marketing Myopia

Aluminum diamond-deck high-grade truck dock boards

A while ago, we had talked about dock boards – aluminum versus steel – their merits and demerits. Bluff Manufacturing introduces a new line of aluminum welded truck dock boards available in 10,000 lb and 15,000 lb capacities board lengths and ranging from 36-72 inches. Bluff Manufacturing’s new and improved line of aluminum dock boards … Continue reading Aluminum diamond-deck high-grade truck dock boards