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The Right Place at the Right Time!

The four basic P’s of Marketing are also four fundamental requirements of running any business: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. The “Place” refers to the physical location where your products are available to your customers.  It is the distribution aspect of a business. Whether you’re offering intangible services via the World Wide Web or selling … Continue reading The Right Place at the Right Time!

Back from MHEDA 2011 Convention

With the mini-mezzanine dismantled, the grand prize given away, and all the business cards pulled out of the fish bowl, MHEDA Convention 2011 already seems far behind us now. All the excitement leading to the 2011 MHEDA convention has finally dissipated and now that we’re back in our offices, it’s time to recap the show. … Continue reading Back from MHEDA 2011 Convention

What we hope to learn from MHEDA 2011

There are very specific times when we need to take a step back and take a good look at ourselves. This is just as relevant in business, as it is in our personal lives. At Bluff Manufacturing, as we’re packing our gear and heading towards Phoenix for this year’s MHEDA convention, we’re going to be … Continue reading What we hope to learn from MHEDA 2011

MHEDA Convention 2011 at Phoenix, AZ (April 30th – may 4th) – Come to Booth 310 for the Best Seat in the House!

It’s that time of the year again – a chance to meet and mingle with other material handling professionals at one of the largest material handling events – MHEDA. With warm weather, great seminars, sales and marketing information, and a chance to openly meet and converse with 100s of suppliers and distributors, there’s plenty to … Continue reading MHEDA Convention 2011 at Phoenix, AZ (April 30th – may 4th) – Come to Booth 310 for the Best Seat in the House!

Spring blooms and so does the economy in the second quarter!

It’s safe to say we’ve left behind the cold dreary days and welcomed the warm and bountiful new season, speaking metaphorically and literally. As Spring brought in warm winds and blossoms, business bloomed as well. No other factor sounds more promising or better portrays a healthy economy than strong employment numbers. While the unemployment rate … Continue reading Spring blooms and so does the economy in the second quarter!

Shout-out to Women in Material Handling

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Once upon a time, even in developed parts of the world, well-behaved women didn’t go out and work. Today, women have broken glass ceilings and infiltrated the old boys network. Not only have they stepped outside of their homes, they have stepped outside of familiar occupations … Continue reading Shout-out to Women in Material Handling

Listen, Design, Build

The voice of the customer is important. Bluff Manufacturing has always been a leader in providing solutions-oriented products. Our business objective has always been and will always be “What can Bluff do for you today?” We are a business that realizes that the voice of the customer matters a great deal and it is what … Continue reading Listen, Design, Build

Steel prices STILL rising!

We hate to be bearers of bad news, especially while we’re still hurting from the last few years of economic downturn, but there’s no escaping this scenario – rising steel prices! Last April, we blogged about the negative impact that rising steel prices had on manufacturing companies, but there seems to be no end in … Continue reading Steel prices STILL rising!

Distributor Loyalty and Leads

Sometime back Bluff Manufacturing created an important discussion about building and nurturing healthy and mutually beneficial manufacturer-distributor relationships that would ultimately help in creating a loyal customer base. It’s time to re-visit that topic again and to reinforce that message. We can all agree on one thing – building and maintaining customer loyalty should be … Continue reading Distributor Loyalty and Leads