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Bluff offices and plants remain open and operational at this time and we will continue to make every effort to serve the needs of our customers.

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Made in America!

For the longest time, manufacturing was the backbone of American society. That is until most of these jobs were transferred overseas. However you slice and dice the economics of the manufacturing sector, it definitely hurt a lot of Americans who lost their jobs. Today, America is trying to bring these jobs back to American shores … Continue reading Made in America!

Falling leaves signal the end of the third quarter of 2010!

While we’re still enjoying relatively warm weather here in Texas and other parts of the Southwest, temperatures are rapidly dropping in and around other parts of the country.  Living in Texas makes it easy to forget that summer is officially over and fall is already here! And if the Labor Day weekend didn’t mark the … Continue reading Falling leaves signal the end of the third quarter of 2010!

A penny for your thoughts, and a whole lot more for your feedback!

Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Two business functions that have their own distinctive roles yet are so closely connected. They both depend heavily on each other to develop and grow business; however sometimes there are huge chasms between them. The biggest gap appears to be in communication and exchange of … Continue reading A penny for your thoughts, and a whole lot more for your feedback!

Business cards and mailing lists

With so much online chatter and buzz generated through social media, I found myself reading an interesting discussion: Do you automatically add business cards you exchange at networking events to your online mailing list? The answers were varied and the discussion heated.  As a marketing professional myself, I am well aware that we walk a … Continue reading Business cards and mailing lists

Find us on Facebook!

Let’s face it – we are in the age of Facebook. Time as we know it will be measured as life-before-Facebook and life-after-Facebook. Facebook has become the Internet revolution unlike any other social media in that it is by far the most successful with over 500 million active users out of whom 50% login everyday. These … Continue reading Find us on Facebook!