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Prospecting with LinkedIn

Typically, account executives get their leads by prospecting or through leads generated by marketing efforts. Marketing can send leads to sales through tradeshows, newsletters, website forms, events, and other traditional marketing channels. More recently, social media has gained wide traction. We’ve read countless articles that prove how social media has moved into the business space … Continue reading Prospecting with LinkedIn

Report Debunks Myth that America is Drowning in Debt

A new report from Capital Economics shows that America has more assets than debt. Read the full article on Business Insider.

Bluff Manufacturing’s Spring Loaded Dock Plate

A PATENTLY Clear Solution to Your Material Handling Challenges Bluff Manufacturing is pleased to announce the receipt of a USPTO Patent on our Spring Loaded (SL) Aluminum Dock Plate.  Bluff is truly innovative in its problem solving and provides a patently clear solution to your unique material handling challenges! If your docks are frequently serviced … Continue reading Bluff Manufacturing’s Spring Loaded Dock Plate

Is it turkey time already?

A nice, long, restful weekend awaits us! Whether you are spending it with family and friends carving up a deliciously cooked bird, or hiking through the rain forests in Costa Rica, or spending it at home just relaxing, catching up on personal projects or reading a good book, this is a much welcome break! A … Continue reading Is it turkey time already?

Manufacturing News, October 2011

Even though the economy remains “sluggish” at best, Bluff Manufacturing can’t really complain. We’ve had a good year so far and look to continuing that upward trend in the last quarter of 2011. At Bluff Manufacturing, we have been able to report good, strong growth especially in these times. There are constant fears driven by … Continue reading Manufacturing News, October 2011

Networking at WERC

One among the many reasons why Bluff Manufacturing has been faring well in a still slow-moving economy is our commitment to networking and maintaining our presence at the many events and tradeshows around the country. Networking has always been at the heart of Bluff’s business. It is Bluff’s loyal association of partners and distributors that … Continue reading Networking at WERC

Brace yourself no more!

If necessity is the mother of all inventions, then safety is the driving force. With that in mind, B&L Structures, a division of Bluff Manufacturing, has come up with a solutions-based application, which addresses a significant safety concern in the handling, storage and transport of heavy stone slabs – The Bluff A-Frame Slab Transport Rack! … Continue reading Brace yourself no more!

Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2010!

As we step into a New Year, Bluff Manufacturing takes a look back at 2010. It was a great honor for me to have kicked off Bluff Manufacturing’s marketing and sales agenda for 2010 by joining Bluff as the Marketing and Sales Director early in the year. Designing a strategic plan meant implementing several changes … Continue reading Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2010!

Season’s Greetings!

For every North Texan that was expecting a repeat performance of 2009’s winter wonderland on Christmas Eve, disappointment came in the form of rain this weekend. Still, it could’ve been worse. Most of us were off to enjoy another four-day weekend, and being able to sleep in while it poured outside in 40-degree temperatures, is … Continue reading Season’s Greetings!