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Winter Get-a-ways!

Lo and behold… it is already the month of December. The last month of the year has already snuck upon us and it is time for Winter holidays, last minute shopping, and preparing to bid adieu to yet another year. As the chill sets in, it may not be too late to fulfill some of … Continue reading Winter Get-a-ways!

The Importance of Machine Guards

One of Bluff’s core values is Safety. And we cannot place enough emphasis on this. We keep coming back to this topic because it is important for us to be constantly aware of safety and the importance of following appropriate procedures to maintain accident-free premises. The material handling industry is wrought with risks and tough … Continue reading The Importance of Machine Guards

A penny for your thoughts, and a whole lot more for your feedback!

Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Two business functions that have their own distinctive roles yet are so closely connected. They both depend heavily on each other to develop and grow business; however sometimes there are huge chasms between them. The biggest gap appears to be in communication and exchange of … Continue reading A penny for your thoughts, and a whole lot more for your feedback!

Online registration and personalized shopping

E-commerce has come a long way. By providing the ability to shop from the comforts of your own home, the Internet has changed the way we retail. Sure, catalogs and shopping networks on TV provided the home shopping experience long before the Internet. But the Internet is credited with taking home shopping to the masses … Continue reading Online registration and personalized shopping

Reaching New Heights!

Bluff Manufacturing is growing and reaching new heights indeed! Recently, the company acquired B&L Structures, Inc. a Dallas-based national steel manufacturer whose client list includes big names such as NASA, Tuesday Morning, Burlington Coat Factory, Anderson Systems (a division of Wal-Mart which distributes books and music), and Aviall (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing Company), which … Continue reading Reaching New Heights!

Dock Board and Dock Plate Replacement

Bluff Manufacturing has become a leading provider of steel and aluminum dock boards and aluminum dock plates to companies like yours throughout North America. Our long-standing commitment to the highest quality product and outstanding customer service has helped to sell our dock solutions.   Likewise, our attention to the safety, longevity and productivity of our products … Continue reading Dock Board and Dock Plate Replacement

Examining Marketing Myopia

In 1975, Theodore Levitt wrote an incredible article titled ‘Marketing Myopia’ that caused a paradigm shift in the business world. His theory was not new or original and was based on the philosophy of great management gurus like Peter Drucker, J.B. McKitterick, Wroe Alderson, John Howard and Neil Borden. However, his writing style, arguments and … Continue reading Examining Marketing Myopia

Making Notes. Paper versus the iPad.

As technology becomes smarter and the World Wide Web is easier to access, paper will cease to become the platform on which many great ideas and notes were made. Electronic media has replaced man’s need to put pen to paper. Paper hasn’t necessarily become obsolete. For every document you save on your secured hard drive, … Continue reading Making Notes. Paper versus the iPad.

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Bluff Manufacturing is closed for the Memorial Day weekend! Got any plans for the long weekend? If you don’t have any major travel plans, there are always plenty of things to do around the Dallas-Fort Worth area on a three-day weekend, and this Memorial Day weekend is no exception. While this May holiday is a … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend 2010