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A GSA Contract and what it means for Bluff Manufacturing!

Wrapping up Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and weeks of a winter apocalypse – there’s been a lot going on this February. But nothing as exciting at Bluff Manufacturing as our new GSA contract! We are now a GSA approved vendor and this opens many doors for future Government contracts. The GSA – Government Services Administration … Continue reading A GSA Contract and what it means for Bluff Manufacturing!

Steel prices STILL rising!

We hate to be bearers of bad news, especially while we’re still hurting from the last few years of economic downturn, but there’s no escaping this scenario – rising steel prices! Last April, we blogged about the negative impact that rising steel prices had on manufacturing companies, but there seems to be no end in … Continue reading Steel prices STILL rising!

Distributor Loyalty and Leads

Sometime back Bluff Manufacturing created an important discussion about building and nurturing healthy and mutually beneficial manufacturer-distributor relationships that would ultimately help in creating a loyal customer base. It’s time to re-visit that topic again and to reinforce that message. We can all agree on one thing – building and maintaining customer loyalty should be … Continue reading Distributor Loyalty and Leads

Making a Case for Case Studies

What are case studies? They’re simply real-life stories of two correlating events or incidents. In other words, this happened as a result of that. In the business world, they’re often related to success stories. An actual incident where a problem existed, a solution was implemented, and the problem was solved. Pretty simple isn’t it? Not … Continue reading Making a Case for Case Studies

Good tidings in December 2010 spills over into 2011!

With the holidays behind us, a new year ahead of us, and plenty of work to be done – we could use a little boost to our spirits! For some of us, a new year means new opportunities and another shot at keeping our resolutions and achieving our goals. For those of us moping around … Continue reading Good tidings in December 2010 spills over into 2011!

Brace yourself no more!

If necessity is the mother of all inventions, then safety is the driving force. With that in mind, B&L Structures, a division of Bluff Manufacturing, has come up with a solutions-based application, which addresses a significant safety concern in the handling, storage and transport of heavy stone slabs – The Bluff A-Frame Slab Transport Rack! … Continue reading Brace yourself no more!

Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2010!

As we step into a New Year, Bluff Manufacturing takes a look back at 2010. It was a great honor for me to have kicked off Bluff Manufacturing’s marketing and sales agenda for 2010 by joining Bluff as the Marketing and Sales Director early in the year. Designing a strategic plan meant implementing several changes … Continue reading Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2010!

Season’s Greetings!

For every North Texan that was expecting a repeat performance of 2009’s winter wonderland on Christmas Eve, disappointment came in the form of rain this weekend. Still, it could’ve been worse. Most of us were off to enjoy another four-day weekend, and being able to sleep in while it poured outside in 40-degree temperatures, is … Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

Winter Get-a-ways!

Lo and behold… it is already the month of December. The last month of the year has already snuck upon us and it is time for Winter holidays, last minute shopping, and preparing to bid adieu to yet another year. As the chill sets in, it may not be too late to fulfill some of … Continue reading Winter Get-a-ways!