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Loading Ramps – More Choices – Forklift Ramps to Vehicle Loading Ramps

Bluff forklift loading ramp line has been expanded over the last few months.  We have always made special sizes but many of you may not know that. The unit that has proved to work the best for loading or unloading material from ground to truck is the Bluff #16SYS8436L.  That unit at 84″ wide (78″ … Continue reading Loading Ramps – More Choices – Forklift Ramps to Vehicle Loading Ramps

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Dock boards and dock plates or dock boards and dock plates if you choose, are still the equipment of choice for millions of transits per day by all types of equipment. One of the most frequent explanations I hear our customer service team giving is what is the difference between a dock board and a … Continue reading Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Set Yourselves Apart

In April of this year amid all the recession talk I wrote an article on this blog entitled “Business is Always Good – For Hard Workers”. It was a good article and reflected what I know about troubled economic times having seen several since my first job in Material Handling in 1966. I worried about … Continue reading Set Yourselves Apart

Business is Always Good – For Hard Workers

My friends tell me I’m like the little boy who is the subject in the psychological experiment. He finds himself in a room waist high in horse manure with a shovel in the corner. After leaving him alone for a time the psychiatrist returned to find him whistling while he shoveled. When he was asked … Continue reading Business is Always Good – For Hard Workers


One down side to having a great product like the Bluff EZ-Pull Edge of Dock Leveler is that it is difficult to improve it. Well, difficult or not we have done just that. Welcome the new and improved GEN VI Edge of Dock Leveler. The design objectives were; Improve competitive stance in the marketplace Improve … Continue reading BLUFF GENERATION VI EDGE OF DOCK LEVELER


As the Southeast Territory Manager for Bluff Manufacturing, I have many assets to call on when I am providing an answer to a problem for one of my dealers. One of the assets that all Bluff Dealers know about is our inside Sales Department. Their professionalism and knowledge of product is unmatched in our industry. Another … Continue reading Assets


SKUs, SKUs and more SKUs! Everywhere all kinds of distributors are faced with the challenge of handling a product offering inclusive of often ten fold the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) they managed just a few years ago. SKU counts will more than likely continue to grow. In most cases distributors are handling all … Continue reading SKU’D UP!

Dock Boards – Dock Plates – Rail Boards "There Must Be Standards"

We have know for years that people’s safety and even their lives depend on the products that we build. If you are a material handling dealer who sells dock boards, dock plates and rail boards to companies…or….if you are the buyer of the product for use by your own employees ….you deserve assurance the product … Continue reading Dock Boards – Dock Plates – Rail Boards "There Must Be Standards"

Bluff Manufacturing Relocates

No, not the plant. Plus, what we did move, we only moved a few hundred yards.  For years our growth has caused us to be innovative with our office space.  Many of you who have visited us can testify to that fact.  We ran out of solutions.  It became apparent after hiring Steve our new photographer … Continue reading Bluff Manufacturing Relocates