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Bluff Manufacturing Relocates

No, not the plant. Plus, what we did move, we only moved a few hundred yards.  For years our growth has caused us to be innovative with our office space.  Many of you who have visited us can testify to that fact.  We ran out of solutions.  It became apparent after hiring Steve our new photographer … Continue reading Bluff Manufacturing Relocates

Happy Birthday to Magline

Our sister company is turning 60 years old. Well, Happy Birthday to you. A new company in 1947 Magline started its life roughly a two years after Victory in Europe, a year and a half after Victory in Japan and about 15 months after Yogi Berra joined the New York Yankees. He was Navy and … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Magline

Life Goes On

One of the nice things about blogs is that you are allowed to get off topic occasionally. This is one of those times. A year ago, more or less, we at Bluff Manufacturing lost a friend and colleague to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A hateful and horrible disease. Hobert Martin was from Huntsville, AL and his body … Continue reading Life Goes On

New Product from Bluff Makes Forklift Driver Safer – Press Release

Bluff Manufacturing of Fort Worth, TX has modified it’s workhorse dock board….the “T” series to include the “Speedy Board” (SB). This simple no cost modification allows the forklift driver to move, set in place and retrieve the dock board without leaving the seat of the forklift. This simple notch pattern on the leading edge of … Continue reading New Product from Bluff Makes Forklift Driver Safer – Press Release


Our president Clark Smith recognized several years ago that there was a potential for low quality product to work it’s way into the US marketplace on dock boards and dock plates. The “open door” was the material itself, the steel or aluminum used to produce these loading dock products. Being the good stewards that we … Continue reading AGAIN WITH THE STANDARDS

Application of Yard Ramps

We are sometimes asked about the traction when using yard ramps for loading docks outside in the elements. Bluff Manufacturing uses a serrated grating in combination with a diamond deck steel plate. Both surfaces offer a bite for the fork truck drive wheel and as long as the driver is competent most operations can continue … Continue reading Application of Yard Ramps

You Get What You Pay For with Yard Ramps

We at Bluff Manufacturing are seeing more and more of this design ramp and are being asked “What happened?” Most of the time the answer is “You saved 10 – 15%”. If you are putting a human life and $30k to $100k worth of truck and product on cheap loading ramp, you have made a … Continue reading You Get What You Pay For with Yard Ramps

Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #5 Service

In looking back at the other four articles in this series, I need to point out that these are not numbered in order of importance.  The statement is; when you or anyone else chooses one product or service over another it will be for one or more of these reasons.  Because price is  listed first, it does … Continue reading Buying decisions are made for one of five reasons…Reason #5 Service


The previous article (on railboards) was written by John Key our plant manager.  He is on spring break with his wife and kids and emailed me the post.  The posting program attributed it to me…………I had to come clean…………he will be back.