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Introducing the Bluff Prisoner Bench

Did you know that Bluff manufactures prisoner benches? The Bluff Prisoner Restraint Benches were developed with a retired New York Police Lieutenant. The bench is customizable and comes with multiple options (color, size and design).  Each bench comes with handcuffs.  These benches are sold to Court Systems, Police Departments, Universities, retail establishments, and anywhere else … Continue reading Introducing the Bluff Prisoner Bench

Supporting our Team Members

We usually share some personal event that goes on within Bluff each month.  We love celebrating happy times, accomplishments and overall fun.  This month is a little different – more somber.  In July, the Bluff family was touched and deeply saddened by the events here in Dallas. One of our team members lost their brother-in-law, … Continue reading Supporting our Team Members

Easier to Move Aluminum Dock Boards

We heard from many of you that you wanted this option. We developed a series of aluminum dock boards with casters .  These are available as an option for our aluminum dock boards up to 60 inches in width and 48 inches in length. Check out the video to see the new dock board in … Continue reading Easier to Move Aluminum Dock Boards

Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

          Summer is officially here!  Lucky for us, July was National Ice Cream Month! At Bluff, we celebrate by trying to stay cool in the Texas heat and ice cream is a perfect way.  In 1984 July was recognized as National Ice Cream Month – now you have a reason to … Continue reading Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

The Voice of Bluff Makes A Deal

If you have ever called Bluff’s office you have probably been greeted by our Front Office Manager (and much more!), Kellie Villanueva (on the left). Answering almost every call that comes into Bluff is just one of her many duties.  Kellie has been with the company for 11 years.  Her commitment to our customers and all of Bluff is incredible. … Continue reading The Voice of Bluff Makes A Deal

Bluff Safety Line

Bluff offers a wide range of safety equipment that can help reduce the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down-time, insurance claims and building repairs due to accidental collisions.  A few of the items we offer are door guards, tough guards and rack guards. Door Guard Door guards help protect overhead door tracks from damage.  … Continue reading Bluff Safety Line

Swinging for a Bluff Gate

A swing gate is an option that can be added to one of our mezzanines. Swing gates are mounted to the edge of a mezzanine structure to allow access for pallets or material from the ground. What things should you consider before purchasing a swing gate? Consider the width of material that will pass through the gate … Continue reading Swinging for a Bluff Gate

National Safety Month

June was National Safety Month.  According to the government, workplace injuries are a leading cause of disability in all ages.  Here at Bluff we have a deep commitment to keeping our customers safe and providing OSHA compliant products. In addition to manufacturing products with safety in mind, we have an ongoing pursuit to keep Bluff employees … Continue reading National Safety Month

Conveyor Crossover

What is a Conveyor Crossover? A conveyor crossover is a specifically designed product that allows personnel to safely cross over active conveyors at designated locations. A crossover provides an increase in worker safety and can dramatically enhance the efficiency of workflow. Bluff Crossover – Longest Span and Fully Customizable  Bluff conveyor crossovers are customized to … Continue reading Conveyor Crossover