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How It’s Made: Taking a Look at Warehouse Crash Guard and Safety Rails

For any warehouse looking to make safety a priority, guard rails can be an efficient and effective way to protect the team and the building. At Bluff, it’s a privilege to make high quality safety products that keep your warehouses safe. We hold the highest standard when creating our safety product, so we’re pulling back […]

Why Customized Dock Solutions Could be the Answer

Material handling solutions aren’t always one size fits all. Warehouses have challenges to overcome and finding a solution is imperative to the success of your business and your customer. Often, a key element to the efficiency of loading and unloading trailers is the yard ramp. However, some companies have unique situations that demand creative solutions […]

Why Does Your Warehouse Need Mezzanines? It’s About Space!

Lacking space for products in your warehouse is not a recent development. Over the past five years available warehouse space has declined from 8.5% to 5.6% according to Statista. Further, the Global Commercial Real Estate Service announced warehouse vacancies reached a record low of 3.6% in 2021, as reported by ABC News. So, what does […]

Don’t Let Summer Storms Control Your Warehouse

Storms bring costly power outages and flooding to businesses across the country. Flooding is an especially common side effect of these heavy rains. The Department of Homeland Security says that 90% of natural disasters in the US involve flooding. Do you have the right equipment in place to keep operations flowing in the event of […]

OSHA Stairs Versus IBC Stairs: What’s the Difference and Which One Does Your Work Site Require?

Industrial stairs and pick modules designed and constructed at Bluff Manufacturing are produced to create efficiency, whether you’re accessing mezzanines, conveyor crossovers, loading docks, or other applications. We specifically design OSHA stairs and IBC stairs, respectively built in compliance with each set of codes. Whether you choose OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) or IBC […]