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Trailer Door Opening

DID YOU KNOW? Most trailer doors are roll ups with an opening of 92″-94″. Swing door trailers have an opening that is 102″ wide. Boards and ramps must have a minimum of 2″ clearance per side to allow for safe, secure, proper placement. Some people ask us for a 96″ wide board for a roll … Continue reading Trailer Door Opening

Cantilever Rack Solutions

Measure twice, cut once. We’re all familiar with the old adage advising patience and precision to ensure the best possible results. But to keep up with the break-neck pace of supply and demand, some manufacturers are foregoing such attention to detail in favor of a one-size-fits-all mentality. This is not the case with Bluff Manufacturing. … Continue reading Cantilever Rack Solutions

Let’s Hear it for the IT Guy

We’ve all said it: “I don’t know what I’d do without my computer.” It can feel weird to admit and we’re probably all a little tired of hearing it, but it really is true. In this day and age, computerlessness is utterly crippling to productivity. And for this reason we should all thank our lucky … Continue reading Let’s Hear it for the IT Guy

Frank Ramirez in the Land of Opportunity

America has long been thought of as a melting pot of cultures, and that reputation is truer today than ever before. Ever-advancing communication and travel technology makes the world a little bit smaller every day. Because of this, cultural exchange plays out on stages large and small all the time. This increasing diversity has the … Continue reading Frank Ramirez in the Land of Opportunity

Who has a crystal ball to see into the future?

These days , senior managers, are having to make difficult choices (as we always do) about how much to spend, what to spend it on, and when to spend it. We all wish we knew with certainty what will be different with this economic cycle, but this time it’s even worse than normal… the stats … Continue reading Who has a crystal ball to see into the future?

The World is Now Going Slower

NOT! We all seem to be moving faster and faster these days. As they say, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”. So what can we do to reclaim some of that time and efficiency when we’re racing around in the warehouse, trying to get stuff loaded and unloaded, picked and put away, but … Continue reading The World is Now Going Slower

Meet Post Protector and Rack Guard!

Hi, I’m Post Protector (Left) and that’s Rack Guard (Right). We work all shifts protecting pallet racks, and all the goods stowed on them, from forklift related accidents and damage. I take care of the posts, and he protects the sides from getting hit from traffic on the main aisles. Believe me it’s an exciting … Continue reading Meet Post Protector and Rack Guard!

Bluff Differentiated Dock Solutions

MEETING NEW CHALLENGES      For some time now, shippers have been working very hard to offset the increasing costs in transportation due to rising fuel costs. Movement to rail from truck and the increased use of inter-modal transport have put significant pressure on loading and receiving docks affecting multiple segments all across the nation. The … Continue reading Bluff Differentiated Dock Solutions


Good housing start news continues to roll in. Housing starts are a key economic driver because they significantly affect so many different industries. The Lumber, Plumbing, Rebar, and Siding segments are quickly and positively affected by an up turn in housing starts One thing they all have in common is dealing with hard to handle … Continue reading RACK'M UP!