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Bluff offices and plants remain open and operational at this time and we will continue to make every effort to serve the needs of our customers.

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Supporting Your Spanish Speaking Customers

We have seen increasing interest from our customers who have a Spanish speaking audience.  To support you in this area, we have created bilingual support. Daisy Ramirez is a bilingual part of of our Sales Support team.  She is available for any questions, in English or Spanish, from you or your customers. Spanish Language Brochure.  We … Continue reading Supporting Your Spanish Speaking Customers

Trailer Door Opening

DID YOU KNOW? Most trailer doors are roll ups with an opening of 92″-94″. Swing door trailers have an opening that is 102″ wide. Boards and ramps must have a minimum of 2″ clearance per side to allow for safe, secure, proper placement. Some people ask us for a 96″ wide board for a roll … Continue reading Trailer Door Opening

Steady mezzanines on unsteady grounds!

Earthquakes are a terrifying possibility in areas with high seismic activity. The destruction of property, land, and most importantly, human lives drives us to take into careful consideration all standards required to protect our buildings and structures from these terrible tremors and shakes. When you know you live in an area of high seismic activity, … Continue reading Steady mezzanines on unsteady grounds!

Yard Ramps – to use the 6 feet Level Off or not. That is the question

There are several guidelines and factors to consider when buying a yard ramp. But we wanted to bring one particular aspect to your attention. When does buying a 36′ Length Yard Ramp with a 6’ Level off make more sense as opposed to a Straight 30′ Length Yard Ramp? When you need that extra maneuverability … Continue reading Yard Ramps – to use the 6 feet Level Off or not. That is the question

Be Safe and Stay Safe this June!

It’s June! The beginning of summer; which means warm weather, weddings, and trips to the water park! Here are some other fun facts about the month of June (according to June is also Dairy month, National Rose Month, National Forest System Month, National Frozen Yogurt Month, National Iced Tea Month and… brace yourself… it … Continue reading Be Safe and Stay Safe this June!

Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributors Portal is now open for business!

Sometime in August, we blogged about the importance of having a personalized online account in e-commerce sales and we tried to drop a few hints about a wonderful online resource we were building for our distributors. Well, without much further ado, let me present Phase I of Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributor’s Portal. This will be your … Continue reading Bluff Manufacturing’s Distributors Portal is now open for business!


One down side to having a great product like the Bluff EZ-Pull Edge of Dock Leveler is that it is difficult to improve it. Well, difficult or not we have done just that. Welcome the new and improved GEN VI Edge of Dock Leveler. The design objectives were; Improve competitive stance in the marketplace Improve … Continue reading BLUFF GENERATION VI EDGE OF DOCK LEVELER


As the Southeast Territory Manager for Bluff Manufacturing, I have many assets to call on when I am providing an answer to a problem for one of my dealers. One of the assets that all Bluff Dealers know about is our inside Sales Department. Their professionalism and knowledge of product is unmatched in our industry. Another … Continue reading Assets


SKUs, SKUs and more SKUs! Everywhere all kinds of distributors are faced with the challenge of handling a product offering inclusive of often ten fold the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) they managed just a few years ago. SKU counts will more than likely continue to grow. In most cases distributors are handling all … Continue reading SKU’D UP!