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Curb Ramps

Safest, Highest Quality Standard Design, Fastest Lead Times, Value Priced

Curb Ramps makes going up and over curbs easy. Our new Poly Curb Ramp for use with hand trucks or wheeled carts provides a safe and ergonomically correct method to move heavy loads over curbs or up steps with ease.

Lightweight (9lbs) ramp has 2 handles with rounded edges for easy pick-up, carrying and handling.

The raised non-slip surface with 1" side railed proves for excellent traction in all weather conditions on curbs or steps up to 8" high. Constructed of high visibility safety yellow HDPE for durable use with up to 600 lbs. load.

Our new hand truck curb ramp is the perfect solution for product delivery. Hand truck curb ramps allow for easy movement going up and over curbs and over uneven surfaces, eliminating the need to lift and pull fully loaded hand trucks.

If you are in the product delivery, moving or material handling business, our poly curb ramp is the perfect tool.

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