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Forklift Safety Cage


Safety CageThe Forklift Safety Cage from Bluff Manufacturing was designed to lift a person safely with a forklift without the need for an expensive scissor lift. The all-welded steel safety cage meets OSHA requirements with a 42” high handrail (from the top of the platform). A self-closing swing gate allows for easy access when climbing in, but the inward push of the gate on Bluff Manufacturing’s safety cage prevents the person from pushing out of the cage accidentally. The cage was designed with a kick plate at the bottom to help prevent feet or items from slipping off the edge.

Safety Cage Specifications:

  • 1,000 lb capacity on steel floor plate deck

  • Entire unit is powder coated safety yellow for high visibility and durable finish

  • Self-closing swing gate swings in for safety

  • 42” high handrail (from top of platform) meets OSHA requirements

  • Safety chains provided to secure platform to forklift

  • 4” kick plate prevents slipping off platform or items falling off

  • Available with platform.

  • Cages available in custom sizes with short lead time

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