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Happy Birthday to Magline - Loading Dock Ramps | Dock Plates | Mezzanines | Aluminum Dock Board

Happy Birthday to Magline

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Our sister company is turning 60 years old. Well, Happy Birthday to you.

A new company in 1947 Magline started its life roughly a two years after Victory in Europe, a year and a half after Victory in Japan and about 15 months after Yogi Berra joined the New York Yankees. He was Navy and joined the team mid-season. I try to scale everything to baseball (remember the James Earl Ray speech)…..”life goes by and everything changes except baseball”. Am I making the hair stand up on your arm?

Back to our sister….An American Institution Magline’s logo is one of the most recognizable in the material handling industry. Many route delivery drivers pushing beer, soft drink, ice, water and any number of other staples would change almost anything except for their Magliner.

We at Bluff salute you and hope that on our 60th birthday we are as well thought of as you. Visit folks that love their truck.