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yard ramps

High Capacity Steel Yard Ramps

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Bluff Manufacturing produces a complete line of yard ramps including high capacity ramps from 60,000 to 100,000 pounds capacity. We can tailor each product to your specific site and need. Standard features include all-steel construction with serrated grating for traction and smooth aprons for excellent transition.

High Capacity Application

  • High Capacity Steel Yard RampsAll steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 60,000 to 100,000 pounds
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Beveled approach provides a smooth transition
  • Safety chains included to secure Yard Ramp to the dock or trailer
  • Uses sturdy I-beam construction for strength and durability
  • Widths available up to 144” (may be shipped in two parts to meet transportation regulations)

High Capacity Yard Ramp Uses:

High Capacity Yard Ramps from Bluff Manufacturing can be used for a variety of applications. Positioned in a farm field, high capacity yard ramps can be positioned to transport perishable items efficiently from the field to a refrigerated trailer. Being able to load bailed hay onto a flatbed trailer in the field with the use of a yard ramp can save time and effort instead of needing to move bales to a different location and reloaded for transportation. At warehouses, the yard ramps can help to expand effectiveness of the buildings without permanent construction. If a company changes locations, the yard ramp can be moved with them.

Other uses for High Capacity Yard Ramps include:

  • Military – particularly unloading equipment off flatbeds
  • Unique situations requiring support for 60,000+ lbs.
  • Situations where a heavy tractor-trailer (for example) needs to drive through a warehouse that is not at ground level
  • Scrap yards – loading scrap material into containers that are shipped overseas for recycling
  • Construction Companies
  • Rental companies for heavy construction equipment to deliver it to the sites and get it to the ground
  • Companies that rent heavy construction equipment
  • Commercial Real estate companies that assist in the move in/out of large equipment to warehouses

Touch up paint for Yard Ramps:

Rust-oleum 249114 Gloss Deep Blue (Painter’s Touch line) 
Rust-oleum 7786 Smoke Gray

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