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Craft Keg Flow Rack Inserts
(Fully-Welded, Variable Width)

Keg Flow RacksLow Cost Organization, Durable, Reliable

Advanced Storage System for Craft Beer Kegs

Bluff Manufacturing’s state-of-the-art Keg Flow racking system will give you more pick faces and storage density than any traditional keg storage method. The unparalleled success of this racking system comes from flexibility of storage depth, ease of use, and improved picking flow. This flexible system works with most volumes of keg movement, is easy to install and extremely durable – it’s virtually maintenance free.

Bluff Keg Flow Sellsheet

Bluff Keg Flow Worksheet

Non-Variable Keg Flow Rack

  Rack Sizes Shipping Parameters Keg Sizes Installation Requirements
Keg Flow 36"-120" Fully Welded Sixer Offset Rack
Variable Width Keg Flow 36"-60" Ships unassembled Various Keg sizes 21"-24" (length) None


Keg Flow RackKeg Flow

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed for Sixer Kegs
  • Can fit pallet racking depths up to 120”
  • Fully-Welded steel construction - Requires pallet racking to be offset, higher in the back for gravity flow
  • Safety Orange powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA





Variable Width Keg Flow

Variable Width Keg FlowFeatures and Specifications:

  • Variable Width design to fit keg sizes 21”-24” tall
  • Can fit pallet racking depths up to 60”
  • Incline built into rack allows for gravity flow with no pallet rack offset required
  • Lightweight and smaller dimensions than welded design means reduced shipping costs
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Steel construction
  • Safety Orange powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA



To find out how to improve craft beer keg storage and flow at your facility contact Bluff Manufacturing at 1-800-433-2212 or contact us online today.

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