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Literature Room


Company Policy Bluff Warranty (134KB)
Steel Structures Warranty (134KB)
Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) (116KB)
Customer Terms and Conditions (150KB)
Supplier Terms and Conditions (153KB)
Product Catalogs Bluff Catalog (1,475KB)
Bluff Catalog (Spanish) (1,554KB)
Dock Board Line Up (418KB)
Safety Catalog (748KB)
Steel Structures Product Guide (525KB)
Warehouse Safety Equipment Brochure (623KB)

Product Literature

Dock Boards and Dock Plates

Aluminum Dock Plate (A,B) (395 KB)
Aluminum Dock Board (AC, BC) (547KB)
Aluminum Dock Board - Model ATD (412KB)
AWL and AWC Aluminum Plates (395KB)
Container Ramp-Model CR (425KB)
How To Connect the Dock (729 KB)
Rail Board-Model R (478KB)
Red Pin Steel Dock Board-Model C (472KB)
Steel Dock Board-Model SC (486KB)
Spring Loaded Aluminum Dock Plate-Model SL (444KB)
Speedy Board-Model SB (617KB)
Steel Dock Boards-Models T, TFL, TNB (436KB)
Walk Ramp-Model WR (948KB)
Yard Ramp-Model YRA (649KB)
Yard Ramp with Castors (180KB)

Ramps and Platforms Crossover Bridge(1154KB)
Curb Ramp(506KB)
Foot Traffic Ramp (1,153KB)
Fracking Ramp(460KB)
Mini Ramp-Model MR (291KB)
Pickup Truck Access Ramp (478K)
Steel Platforms-Model SP (351KB)
Truck Risers (436KB)
Wheel Risers-Models SWR and AWR (455KB)
Dock Levelers Edge of Dock Leveler (5,455KB)
EP Dock Leveler Parts Layout (336KB)
Lo Dock Leveler
Warehouse Safety Products

Bolt-On and Bullnose Post Protectors (395KB)
Eye Wash Safety Kit (444KB)
Modular Protective Barrier (778KB)
Pipe Guard (316KB)
Safety Cage (175KB)
Safety Collage (304KB)
Turtle Plastics Products Line Card (658KB)
Tuff Guard Safety Railing-Model SRT (419KB)

Mezzanines Conveyor Crossover (379KB)
Ladders (344KB)
Landings (624KB)
Stairways (534KB)
Storage and Handling A Frame (Slab Handling) (511KB)
Cantilever Rack (431KB)
Gas Cylinder Pallet (1112KB)
Bluff Keg Flow Rack (354KB)
Order Picker (370KB)
Packing Box Rack (803KB)
Safety Cage (175KB)
Sheetrock Dolly-Model SRD (354KB)
Slab Handling Brochure (278KB)
Slab Handling Forklift Extensions (207KB)
Slab Handling Showcase Display Rack (227KB)
Wine Bottle Flow Rack (225KB)
Additional Products Prisoner Restraint Bench (1449KB)
Prisoner Restraint Stool (413KB)

Cantilever Rack Worksheet (221KB)
Crossover Bridge Worksheet (1,119KB)
Board, Plate, Container Ramp Selection Worksheet (1,092KB)
Dock Board Selection Worksheet (294KB)
Edge of Dock Leveler Worksheet (1,302KB)
Lo-Dock/Door Seal Worksheet (324KB)
Eye Wash Safety Kit Worksheet (536KB)
Fracking Ramp Worksheet (365KB)
Bluff Keg Flow Worksheet (468KB)
Mezzanine Worksheet (188KB)
Order Picker Platform Worksheet (1,284KB)
Pipe Guard Worksheet (306KB)
Portable Dock/Work Platform Worksheet (300KB)
Rail Board Worksheet (375KB)
Slab Handling Forklift Extensions Worksheet (227KB)
Spring Loaded Plate Worksheet (251KB)
Stairway Worksheet IBC, Fixed Industrial (234KB)
Stairway Worksheet OSHA, Fixed Industrial (226KB)
Truck Risers Worksheet (292KB)
Wheel Riser Worksheet (1,722KB)
Wine Bottle Flow Rack Worksheet (856KB)
Yardramp Worksheet (230KB)

Owners Manuals and Instructions EZ Pull Edge-of-Dock Leveler Manual (5,565KB)
EZ Roll Handles/Attachment Installation and Operating Instructions (364KB)
LoDock EOD Owner's Manual and Installation Guide (944KB)
Mini Ramp Offloading Instructions (224KB)
Platform Offloading Instructions (235KB)
Portable Steel Yard Ramp Owners Manual (444KB)
Portable Steel Yard Ramp Owners Manual - Spanish (1078 KB)
Prisoner Bench Assembly Instructions (685KB)
SL Plate Installation and Operating Instructions (235KB)
Truck Riser Ramp Offloading Instructions (966KB)
Wheel Riser Installation Instructions (184KB)
Yard Ramp Unloading Instructions (194KB)


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