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Bluff Manufacturing’s Product Line Also Includes Stairways, Ladders, and Conveyor Supports

Bluff Manufacturing has developed a broad line of steel structures to enhance the storage, efficiency and safety of today’s warehouses. Our products are designed in a modular fashion to ensure years of use and preserve the ability to re-purpose the structures as your needs change.

These structures provide a real advantage for our customer because they adhere to our philosophy of innovative design, quality craftsmanship and value. Bluff has developed and acquired specialized talent with experience in these categories to ensure the high quality that Bluff is known for. The structures are all designed and built right here at our Fort Worth facility.


SMP_2499A mezzanine is an ideal, economical solution for increasing floor space and storage capacity by clearing spans up to 40 feet and load capacities that exceed the average due to the selective use of structural components. Regardless of size, we can build a mezzanine custom-designed for your facility and production requirements. All of our structures are built in compliance with OSHA and International Building Codes (IBC). Bluff will work with a local material handling distributor who will be onsite to survey your needs and help determine the correct size and placement of the structure.

Our mezzanines can be used for a variety of purposes:

We select the most efficient combination of hot-rolled structural steel (ASTM-A36 and ASTM-A50), high strength cold formed sections, structural tubes (ASTM-A500), and steel bar joists in order to provide a mezzanine that is safe and cost-effective. Our use of standardized shapes and sizes of materials minimizes the need for custom fabrication, and a professional engineer’s seal is available for all designs in the 48 contiguous states. The entire production process is done in our Fort Worth plant and your mezzanine is shipped directly via approved contract haulers.

Our bolted construction and detailed instructions make assembly simple and fast; in addition, each mezzanine is designed so that it can be dismantled and reassembled in a different location or configuration. For companies with leased property, this has two advantages: the additional space can delay a costly move, but if a move becomes necessary, a Bluff mezzanine can be easily disassembled for the move. Experienced installation crews appreciate Bluff mezzanines because of the ease of installation.


To access your mezzanine, we also design and fabricate stairways and landing systems that meet or exceed regulations specified by OSHA, IBC or other agencies specific to the user’s location. We use only “mill first” quality steel, all designs are approved by registered structural engineers, and welding is done by certified welders.

Material Handling Products for Additional Protection

Additional products are often used in a mezzanine installation to make sure you get the most out of your mezzanine, protect your investment and keep workers safe. Bluff Manufacturing offers a complete line of allied products to complement your specific site with a complete solution and integrated design.