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U Design Configuration | Tri Arc U Design
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Every year more than 160,000 people reported injuries that resulted directly from falling off a commercial ladder. Of those that fell on average 300 of them died from injuries that were sustained from the fall. ANSI, OSHA and the American Ladder Institute all agree that proper ladder selection is a key component in work place safety.

To avoid these kinds of accidents, you need to properly select the most appropriate ladder and platform system. A company that takes the time to carefully select the right ladder system can greatly contribute to the overall safety of the working environment.

To meet those needs, Bluff has partnered with Tri-Arc, a leading manufacturer of ladders and systems since 1960.

Our Configurator Program tool takes you through a step by step process that simplifies the selection process for all of Tri-Arc’s U-Design Configurable products at an off-the-shelf price. Try out the program and start designing your custom layout.

U-Design Configurable Products include: