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Mezzanines/Steel Structures

Mezzanines and Stairways


A warehouse mezzanine is an ideal, economical solution for freeing up floor space while providing expanded storage capacity. Our structural steel components allow our designs to clear horizontal spans up to 40 feet and load capacities greater than average. Eliminate the expense of moving to a new facility or leasing additional space by adding a free standing mezzanine – move UP, not out! Whether your needs are 100 or 100,000 square feet of space, Bluff Manufacturing can build a steel mezzanine custom-designed for your facility in compliance with OSHA and International Building Code Standards (IBCS).

Like all Bluff Manufacturing’s products, the use of industrial mezzanines facilitates an increase of operational efficiency, space utilization and safety. These state-of-the-art, freestanding warehouse platforms can be used in many applications:

  • In-plant offices, observation platforms and personnel break rooms
  • Free span areas for processing, assembly or storage
  • Conveyor support structures
  • Catwalks

Mezzanine Worksheet

Cost Efficiency Through Value Engineering

Whether your expanding space requirements include the need for a raised office, material/record storage, stockrooms, assembly and distribution systems, warehouse platforms or conveyor support systems, our steel mezzanine structures are designed and built to address those unique demands in your existing facility. From standard space provision to extreme point loading or excessively wide clearance requirements, our flexibility in design allows optimization of your space with value engineering.


  • Non-welded bolt connections and flexibility of design for future modifications, relocation and/or expansion and potential reconfiguration at a later date.
  • Equipment and machinery mounting options available; multi-tiered integration of existing structures
  • Maximization of vertical clearance for exceptional under-mezzanine space utilization
  • High quality design and standardization of components to keep installation costs down
  • Built to last and backed with a 30-year structural warranty

Superior Design Options to Suit Your Needs


We select the most efficient combination of hot-rolled structural steel (ASTM-A36 and ASTM-A50), high strength cold formed sections, structural tubes (ASTM-A500), and steel bar joists in order to provide a mezzanine that is safe and cost-effective. Our use of standardized shapes and sizes of materials minimizes the need for custom fabrication, and a professional engineer's seal is available for all designs in the 48 contiguous states. The entire production process is done in our Fort Worth plant, and your mezzanine is shipped via approved contract haulers.
Our bolted construction and detailed instructions make assembly simple and fast; in addition, each mezzanine is designed so that it can be dismantled and reassembled in a different location or configuration. For companies with leased property, this has two advantages: the additional space can delay a costly move, but if a move becomes necessary, a Bluff mezzanine can be easily disassembled for the move. Experienced installation crews appreciate Bluff mezzanines because of the ease of installation.

Your local distributor will survey your needs and help determine the correct size and optimal combination of structural and formed components needed.

Mezzanine Decking Options:

  1. StairwaysType 100 Deck Package

    Our most economical deck. Unpainted 1⅛” tongue and groove plywood specifically designed for flooring applications.
  2. Type 200 Deck Package

    Ideal for rolling loads. 20 gauge metal; 1½” type B-deck is used as a sub-floor. The bottom of this deck is painted white to maximize lighting. The finished floor is ¾” tongue and groove unfinished resin board. Other options include LD or MD finished resin board.
  3. Type 300 Deck Package

    Heavy-duty steel bar grating (sized per application requirements) maximizes air circulation and is often used to adhere to local fire code requirements. Painted shop coat black.
  4. Type 400 Deck Package

    Ideal for extra heavy loads and abusive working conditions. Uses the same 20 gauge B-deck sub-floor as Type 200 package. Finished floor is 11 gauge steel diamond floor plate.
  5. Type 500 Deck Package

    C-form sub deck with pour angle for concrete preparation (concrete supplied by others).

Special Mezzanine Options:

Closed sliding gateOptions include, but are not limited to:

  • Slide or swing gates
  • Drop plates
  • Stairways and landings
  • Ships ladders and caged ladders
  • Conveyor support
  • Vertical conveyor crossovers

Metal Stairways

To access your free standing mezzanine, we also design and fabricate metal stairways and landing systems that meet or exceed regulations specified by OSHA, IBC, BOCA or other agencies specific to the user’s location. We use only “mill first” quality steel, all designs are approved by experienced engineers, and welding is done by certified welders.



Our IBC stair specs include the following features. Other spec packages are available.

  • Metal stairways are fabricated as a bolted design (KD) with an option of a welded unit.
  • 11” stair treads are of 3/16” diamond plate with closed risers.
  • Stringers are to be a minimum of 8” channel per ASTM-A50.
  • 1½“ square—tube handrails are bolted on to the stairway.
  • 42” high guardrails and 36” high handrails comply with OSHA regulations.

To order a warehouse mezzanine, metal stairway, or pivot gate for existing mezzanines, contact Cindy Holybee at , by phone at 817-546-8590.

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