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Dock Boards /dock plates

Rail Board Worksheet

This form must be submitted complete with all orders for rail dock boards.
Bluff rail boards are site specific products and should only be used at site for which they are designed.

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Car / Track Details:  
1. Identify railcar type(s) encountered at this site:
Box car "Hy-cube" box car All door car
Refrigerated car Flat car Plug door car
2. Provide a minimum of three X dimension measurements, from the inside of the rail to the dock face (excluding any projections), with each measurement taken 20' away from the center of the dock board position. Provide dimensions for each location in which the board will be used. If the application is a long, open dock, provide X dimensions at 20' increments along the dock as well as at 20' beyond the end of the dock (40' beyond if "hy-cube" cars are used). For Car to Car application, Click here.
3. Provide a Y dimension for each X dimension; take the measurement from the top of the rail to the top of the dock utilizing a line level and string, for each dock board location.
X1 X2 X3
Y1 Y2 Y3
4. Identify the narrowest car door to be encountered at this site (range from 6’-20').
5. For safety, rail boards are manufactured with an 8” lip to rest on the railcar floor. Will cargo allow for 8” lip? Yes No
6. Are there any modifications to the car door or car floor (i.e.; projections or false floor) that would prevent the rail board from sitting in place? Yes No
If yes, explain:
Dock Details:  
7. Is the face of the dock square? Yes No
If no, explain:
8. Bluff uses locking rings to secure the board. For locking rings to be effective the vertical dock face must be free of projections. Identify and describe any dock projections within 10" of the top of the dock surface.
9. Does this application involve multiple-dock-door access or a long-open-dock to the rail cars?
multiple-dock-doors: If this application involves multiple dock door access, does the facility have the capability and willingness to position the rail cars so that the rail car doors are centered in the width of the dock doors to be used?
Yes No
(Inability to center the car door in the width of the dock door must be taken into consideration when determining board width.)
10. The entire board must be smaller than the smallest dock opening in order to pass through easily. What is the narrowest opening the entire board will pass through?
Lift Equipment:  
11. Identify the types of equipment / attachments used to travel across the rail board.
Roll Clamp, Bale Clamp, Standard Pallet Forks, Other
12. Identify rated lifting capacity of forklift used for this application.
13. Forklift Type: 3 wheel 4 wheel Propane Gas Electric
14. Number of shifts per day using this rail board? Single Shift Multiple Shifts
15. Lift Chains or Lift Loops? Lift Chains Lift Loops
Board Details:  
16. Provide desired dock board width.
(Overall board width should be 2-4 inches less than the minimum car door width encountered at this site.)
17. Is this a replacement for an existing board? Yes No  (If YES, provide a sketch indicating box length, car side lip length, dock side lip length and a measurement from the deck surface to the bottom of the car and dock side lips.)

F should equal A + B + C

18. Degree of flare 0 10 20 30? (X dimensions less than 48" can prevent flare).
19. For Car-to-Car applications please provide the Z and G dimensions.
Additional Track Details:  
20. Does the track curve? If so, please provide additional measurements as shown below.
DL1 inches
DL2 inches
DR1 inches
DR2 inches
Please note correct method for setting a Bluff rail board in place for use.

* Site Location:
* Date Submitted: xx/xx/yyyy
* Salesman:
* Dealer:
* Telephone:
* City/State:
* E-mail:
* Fax:



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Dock Boards / Dock Plates
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