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Mezzanines/Steel Structures

Refrigerator Truck Rolling Access Platform

Provides fall protection during routine maintenance and inspection of refrigeration units on small- to medium-sized trucks.

Refrigerator Truck Access PlatformFeatures:

  • Adjustable platform height (12" adjustability in 4" increments)
  • Large platform to perform work from (24"W x 120"L)
  • Serrated tread surface offers excellent slip resistance and drainage properties
  • Ladders on both sides for dual access
  • Snap chains at entry/exit points and on refrigeration unit access opening
  • Designated lifting point for using rope and bucket to bring tools or parts from ground to platform
  • Reinforced lifting points on each ladder at 4th step to accommodate adjustability using standard engine puller
  • Powder coated safety yellow (adjustable legs orange powder coat)
  • Ships in 3 pieces (1 platform & 2 ladders), assembly required 


Refrigerator Truck Rolling Access Platform

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