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SKUs, SKUs and more SKUs! Everywhere all kinds of distributors are faced with the challenge of handling a product offering inclusive of often ten fold the number of stock keeping units (SKUs) they managed just a few years ago. SKU counts will more than likely continue to grow. In most cases distributors are handling all those SKU’s in a facility that was already taxed prior to the current onslaught of SKU proliferation. Beware, SKUs have huge appetites!

Huge appetites? What do they eat? Time! We all know time is money, lots of money.
Take a look at a representative distributor. Today 381 SKUs, just a few short years ago -83. That increase has a major impact throughout the business. Let’s just look at the effect on material handling:

Dealing with all this makes safe, productive material handling an even greater challenge!

Here at Bluff we have solutions to help manage SKU proliferation that are economical and readily available:

SKU proliferation may be the biggest challenge distributors have faced in decades. No need to be SKU’d up. Bluff has solutions and the team to help!