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Used Cantilever Racks
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Used Cantilever Racks, a Bargain or Unnecessary Expense

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The main benefits of cantilever rack systems are better storage for and improved access to warehoused products and materials, particularly large bulky items that come in a range of sizes. Since cantilever racks are not restricted by the front columns of traditional pallet racks, they provide full horizontal access, which increases storage space and improves product flow. When purchased new, cantilever racks are custom designed in terms of arm length, clearance, depth, and height to meet the needs of your specific products, while used cantilever racks were designed for someone else?s products. Only cantilever racks built according to your product and handling requirements can be guaranteed to improve the safety and efficacy of your storage and handling processes.

All Cantilever Racks are Different

Since products and warehouses are extremely diverse, cantilever racks are created just as diverse as the products. For example, since the height of each level of a cantilever rack is determined by the sum of the load height + clearance requirement + arm height, a used cantilever rack built for a specific type of bulky furniture would not be the best storage solution for piping or textiles. Similarly, for a cantilever rack to function at is optimum level of safety and efficiency, the stored product load must be distributed as uniformly as possible. Used cantilever racks were created for the correct load distribution and product overhang for a certain product. What are the chances that your used cantilever racks were created for your particular products in the same sizes you will be storing in your warehouse? Since cantilever racks are used for everything from carpets to lumber, the chances are very slim.

Bluff Cantilever Racks Come with Value-added Benefits

When you buy Bluff Manufacturing’s cantilever racks, our engineers design racks that will help minimize product loss and damage with the best storage and handling solution for your warehouse. The cantilever racks designed by our engineers will be built to help reduce handling time and enhance inventory control based on your specifications. Our engineers will help you capitalize on the capability of your current lifting equipment. They will also create racks that will minimize your footprint storage space while maximizing your vertical and horizontal space. This increase in your load volume will significantly increase your savings. A used cantilever rack would not include these value-added and cost saving benefits. Instead of benefits, used cantilever racks often come with many unanswered questions that may wind up costing you money. For example, how old are your used cantilever racks? Who created them and for what type of products? How were they used and were they abused?

Will a Used Cantilever Rack Save You Money?

If the used cantilever racks you purchase are not built for your product, they may not improve your storage or handling capabilities at all. Additionally, your used cantilever racks may eventually cost you a great deal more money than new cantilever racks. Without knowing the history of your used cantilever racks, you could wind up losing money on maintenance and/or resulting damaged goods. In contrast, Bluff’s high quality, durable, steel-construction cantilever racks are long-lasting, virtually maintenance free, and designed to endure your exact usage specifications.

As with all Bluff Manufacturing products, we know that one-size-does-NOT-fit-all. When you contact Bluff Manufacturing at 800.433.2212 to order your cantilever rack system, our inside sales team will listen to your needs and work with our engineers to create a storage solution specific to the size, shape and weight of your product. By considering your product, warehouse, and equipment specifications, our engineers can develop the optimum storage and handling solution for your warehouse.