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Slab Handling Equipment

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Natural stone and granite slabs are heavy and costly materials that require specifically designed equipment to safely handle, transport, display and store. Bluff has developed a series innovative products for slab handling that increases safety and security and enhances the display of slab products.

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The Bluff A-Frame Slab Transport Rack

Stone slab handling rack uniquely designed for use in transport. Extreme heavy duty construction provides unmatched durability. Innovative safety features furnish secondary bracing and support system to safeguard your personnel and to protect your materials.

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Slab Transport Rack “Retro Safety Kit”

Retro Safety Kit allows for the addition of integrated slab safety supports into existing A-Frame slab transport racks. The welding of safety stop pockets along base of one end of the frame combined with the insertion of a 60” vertical handled steel pipe into these pockets provides a secondary bracing element for slab accessibility during delivery.

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Bluff A-Frame Slab Rack Floor Display Unit

Display A-Frame set for use in showroom applications. Two all-welded A-Frames are securely joined with two structural angle cross members for a solid display unit. Enhances the security of your slabs in a public showroom.

Bluff Single-Sided Slab Wall Display Rack

For use in showroom applications, the Single-Sided Display Rack sits flush to a wall providing a secure platform for slab presentation. Each set contains two (2) vertical frames which, when tied together with two structural horizontals, provides a single-sided display rack to support one piece of slab. Enhancing the security of your slabs in a public showroom.

Bluff Showroom Slab Display Rack

Bluff Manufacturing’s Showcase Display Rack is a unique way to showcase high value slab products in the showroom. Our Showcase Display Rack helps show the specific grains and textures while safely securing the product. Internal lighting can be added to show additional product details in translucent materials.



Bluff A-Frame Slab Racks

Paired 5 foot slab rack channels with either 5-inch or 6-inch deep pockets for safety post insertion at nine (9) discrete locations. All welded channel manufactured from structural steel, designed for use in storage as well as showroom display. Heavy duty construction provides unmatched durability. Made in 5 foot sections for shipping convenience. Sections can be bolted or connected for longer runs; channels punched for floor anchoring.

Slab rack with 5″ deep pockets

Slab rack with 6″ deep pockets

Bluff A-Frame Slab Rack Post

This slab rack post comes in a five (5) foot height and is used for insertion into pockets of five (5) inch or six (6) inch channel slab racks. The post is secured into variable pockets of slab racks for slab storage and/or display. All posts are painted and include a PVC cap for personnel safety.

Bluff A-Frame Slab Rack Post w/Handle

This 5 foot slab rack post comes with a welded handle for ease of retrieval and insertion into pockets of slab racks. Post is secured into pockets of slab racks for slab storage, display or transport. All posts are painted and include a PVC cap for personnel safety and product protection. Handled Posts are for use with Bluff’s A-Frame Slab Transport Racks.

Bluff Slab Handling Fork Extensions

Bluff Manufacturing’s Slab Handling Fork Extensions extend the reach of your existing forklift tines to move and handle heavy slab products like Marble and Granite. Our Fork Extensions make moving these products safer and protect the slabs in transit. Bluff Slab Handling Fork Extensions fit standard Forklift Tines and can be customized to fit unique styles. They are removable from the forklift and use chains to secure the slabs. They are made of heavy duty steel that has been welded and customized to your specific forklift. Bluff Slab Handling Fork Extensions are manufactured to match existing forklift capacity.