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Tough Luck or Tuff Guard?

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Guard: To keep safe from harm or danger. A simple phrase, but it’s one that carries a lot of weight and responsibility. Bluff’s Tuff Guard says it all – this safety rail is manufactured with 1/2” thick ASTM A36 steel to protect and prevent loss and injury. This is the kind of product you want in your warehouse when the stakes are high and protecting your property and employees is your top priority.

We’re introducing one of our top products in this week’s blog – Bluff’s Tuff Guard Safety Rail. So what makes the Tuff Guard so special? Consider some of these facts and you will get all soft on our Tuff Guard Safety Rail!

Tuff Guard Safety Railing Features:

Federal standards for Safety Barrier testing requires our safety rails to pass the crash test with an impact f 10,000 pounds (forklift truck) traveling at 4 miles per hour. But Bluff Manufacturing has been manufacturing quality material handling products for several years and we know that in busy docking areas, speed of forklift operations often exceeds the 4 mph limit. That’s why we increased our safety crash standard to 6 miles per hour. And even with the increased speed, Bluff’s Tuff Guard exceeded the crash test expectations with minimal rail deflection. We weren’t kidding when we christened our safety rail as the Tuff Guard! We know our customers are always looking to us to provide the kind of quality they have come to rely upon. This is why we design and manufacture products you can always trust will exceed your expectations. When you buy Bluff’s Tuff Guard Safety Rail, you never have to worry about the safety of your plant personnel or the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Bluff’s Tuff Guard Safety Rail puts your mind at ease.

What does this mean for you? The modifications made to our Tuff Guard Safety Rail have effectively decreased the weight of the product, the cost of the product, and the rail installation time. Not only do you have a safer, lighter, and sturdier Tuff Guard Safety Rail, you now have a manageable bottom-line! If you’ve got our Tuff Guard installed properly, you don’t have to worry about “tough luck” when operating your forklifts and navigating precarious turns.

Bluff’s Tuff Guard Safety Rail