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Mezzanines/Steel Structures

U-Design Cantilever Ladder

Configurable Solutions for Hard-to-Access Areas

A cantilever ladder provides access above an obstacle or hard to reach area by allowing the platform to cantilever beyond the back of the ladder. Choose from either the Unsupported model which is counterweighted for capacity or the Supported model that has a bottom support legs that can roll under the obstacle. The Cantilever Conversion Kit allows an Unsupported model to be converted to a Supported model by removing the counterweight and adding the bottom extension.


  • U-Design Cantilever Ladder300 lb. rated capacity
  • 1”x2” rectangular tube construction
  • 24” wide steps and platform
  • 50° incline forward descent ladder
  • 5”x2” locking casters
  • Powder coat yellow finish
  • Meets OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI A14.7
  • Clearance height is 2” less than platform height
  • Platform heights from 50” (5-step) to 90” (9-step)
  • Cantilevered platform is available up to 40” long
  • Counterweighted for a 300 lb. capacity
  • Same features as the Unsupported Cantilever
  • Support leg rolls under obstructions like tanks, trucks, or machines
  • Allows cantilevered access without added counterweight

U-Design Cantilever Ladder


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