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Crossover Ramps / Fracking Ramps

HomeYard Ramps — Crossover Ramps / Fracking Ramps

Protect your pipes, hoses and cables at your fracking or construction site with Bluff Manufacturing’s heavy duty steel crossover ramp.

These guard ramps allow heavy equipment to pass over obstacles up to 12” in diameter and can accommodate equipment up to 160,000 pounds.

Bluff’s Crossover Ramps / Fracking Ramps protect the fracking hoses, pipes and cables that are crucial to your job’s success. Fracking Ramps are custom built to your customers’ specifications using steel floor plating.

Unique to Bluff, crossover ramps are made up of sections joined by a connector link that forms a tunnel-like pass-through designed to protect pipes, hoses and cables as heavy equipment crosses over it. These ramps are designed for strength as well as portability.

To request a quote for a custom-designed crossover ramp/ fracking ramp from Bluff, call 800-433-2212 or contact us online today.

Crossover Ramp / Fracking Ramp Worksheet