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We are sometimes asked about the traction when using yard ramps for loading docks outside in the elements. Bluff Manufacturing uses a serrated grating in combination with a diamond deck steel plate. Both surfaces offer a bite for the fork truck drive wheel and as long as the driver is competent most operations can continue year around. Yardramp Loading Platform Snow

Quick fact – all turning surfaces on platforms and on yard ramps should be made of steel plate. Grating does not do well over time where forklift truck tires are changing direction. The bearing bars tend to lay down and droop.

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2 thoughts on “Application of Yard Ramps”

  1. I have one question, we have one customer and he ask me if we have another type of floor because this serrated grating wear too much and too fast the fork tires, whats the solution?

  2. Sorry, that I missed this comment. We can put floor plate (steel diamond deck)in place of the grating. However, it does not offer as much traction on the inclines and is obviously not self-cleaning.

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