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Bluff Manufacturing’s Spring Loaded Dock Plate

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A PATENTLY Clear Solution to Your Material Handling Challenges

Bluff Manufacturing is pleased to announce the receipt of a USPTO Patent on our Spring Loaded (SL) Aluminum Dock Plate.  Bluff is truly innovative in its problem solving and provides a patently clear solution to your unique material handling challenges!

If your docks are frequently serviced by fleets of comparable vehicles and if the materials are loaded or unloaded by hand truck, dolly or other manual methods, your application is the perfect candidate for Bluff’s  Spring Loaded (SL) Dock Plate.  The SL Plate’s differentiating feature is its ability to be easily secured to the top of your dock, stored vertically and immediately available for use without the hassles of retrieval and/or placement.

Increase the operational efficiency and safety of your dock with a plate that is always in place and is always ready to use:

Fitted with a pair of spring loaded attachments, the diamond deck aluminum SL Plate can be lifted using less than 5 pounds of pressure and raised to the vertical position for storage.  SL Plates are custom built for your unique dock needs taking into account plate size, bend specifications and spring weight.  Call our helpful Customer Service now to receive a quick quote at 800.433.2212!

SL Plate