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Dock and Warehouse Safety Products

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The Bluff line of warehouse safety products is designed to protect the people, structures and products in your warehouse. One of the major sources of damage is the powerful forklifts that many use to do the work of the warehouse. Bluff provides all types of safety barriers, some of which are even rated to take the blows from these powerful vehicles while protecting the people and structures in your facility. We also have a host of products to help create safe walking lanes for your personnel.

Our line also includes safety cages (man baskets) to help you safely get the most out of your forklifts as well as accident prevention items such as cribbing, matting and blocking.

Safety Rails

Safety Rails are designed for what you fear most when using forklift trucks…unintentional entry into an area where there are people or other equipment and structures. While we can’t stop a speeding bullet we can stop a forklift truck at up to 10 mph.

Modular Protective Barrier

These safety rails are designed for lighter use in directing traffic in and around your plant, warehouse or facility. More forceful than a yellow stripe you can keep people and equipment out of harms way with Bluff MPB.

Rack Guard

End of aisle on pallet rack is the most often damaged upright. A too tight turn with your forklift truck can cause damage to the upright and potentially collapse, causing product damage and injury. Bluff Rack Guard can prevent or lessen that damage and add a bright yellow warning to row ends or aisles.

Machine Guard

Improve plant safety and efficiency with Crash Guard by reducing the costs associated with employee injury, machinery down time, insurance claims, and building repairs due to accidental collisions. Machine Guards provides superior protection for your facility & machinery from costly forklift damage.

Post Protectors

Doing the same job as Rack Guard this product is used to protect the intermediate uprights from damage from pallets or straddle truck outriggers. Available in different heights the yellow powder coat finish clearly defines the position of the upright for the driver so he can position his load.

Door Track Guard

This product can pay for itself many times over and is one of the easiest expenses to justify in the warehouse. When installed properly it protects the most vunerable area of your overhead door track on your dock door. As drivers back out of trucks with loads they sometime start their turn too early. The load will come in contact with the door track and distort it to the point where it will not allow the door to open and close. Bluff Track Guard can minimize or prevent this damage. Door continues to work and no service call.

Forklift Safety Cage

The Forklift Safety Cage from Bluff Manufacturing was designed to lift a person safely with a forklift without the need for an expensive scissor lift. The all-welded steel safety cage meets OSHA requirements with a 42” high handrail (from the top of the platform).


There are places where a single barrier is the best choice. Bluff bollards come with heavy floor plates for surface mounts or longer in length to be mounted in concrete for maximum impact protection. Yellow powder coat gives a bright finish that lasts.

Bolt-On Post Protector

The Bolt-on Post Protector provides increases aisle space, allowing for the smooth navigation of reach trucks and other warehouse vehicles around storage racks. Since they bolt directly to the column, Bolt-on Post Protectors provide excellent column reinforcement and are great for providing extra support to damaged posts.

Bolt-On Bullnose Post Protector

When reach trucks or other warehouse vehicles are used for storage and handling, warehouse racks are in danger of damage from vehicles that get too close. Bluff’s Bolt-on Bullnose Post Protectors are designed with increased aisle space in mind. The sleek, tapered, design of our Bullnose Post Protectors makes them space efficient, allowing for smooth navigation around racks.

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