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Optimizing Operations: Unveiling the Strategic Advantages of a Flexible Loading Dock

In the fast-paced world of warehouse logistics, the ability to adapt to changing needs is crucial for maintaining efficiency. One innovative solution that is gaining prominence is the use of flexible loading dock setups, providing a host of advantages for businesses looking to optimize their operations. One highly adaptable option is a mobile yard ramp. […]

An Investment in Safety

Warehouses are fast-paced environments. When everything goes as planned, employees work together like a well-oiled machine. But nothing derails productivity and morale as severely as workplace injury.  Workers want to know that their employers have done everything possible to create a safe work environment. Luckily, Bluff Manufacturing has everything you need from barrier gates to […]

Foundations of Strong Warehouse Structures

Bluff leans on four pillars to make sure your warehouse structures are ideal for your operation. Getting these right helps ensure common complexities in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation phases are solvable – helping us bring strong structures to life.  PILLAR 1 — Smart Pre-Production Process Because a thorough pre-production process ensures a strong […]

Bluff Manufacturing and its Focus on Quality

Forklifts are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in most industrial facilities. Facilities that do not install high-quality safety equipment leave their teams at a high risk for injury. According to OSHA, nearly half of fatal occupational injuries in 2021 occurred among “workers in transportation and material moving occupations and construction and extraction […]

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets With Safety Barriers

Your warehouse contains people, products and equipment that you need to protect. All three groups are critical for ensuring that your warehouse functions successfully. Taking a brief moment to assess your safety needs can lead you to solutions that reduce the risk of injury and damage to valuables. You owe it to your team and […]

The Secrets to Safer Warehouses Despite Holiday Chaos

The holiday shopping season is here and it is increasing the demand for warehouses across the country. From Black Friday to standard Christmas sales, consumer spending continues to rise both online and in person. In 2021, 88 million buyers shopped on Black Friday, with both in-store and online traffic increasing by 19% (source). Even despite […]

3 Questions Every Bluff Dealer Should Know the Answer To

At Bluff, we want to empower dealers with the tools they need to answer customer questions. Here are three important questions that you might hear about Bluff products in your showroom or on a sales call. Why should I go with Bluff over the other warehouse brands? Customer Support and product durability set Bluff apart. […]

Why Measurements Matter: Yard Ramp Edition

What is the purpose of a yard ramp? The two basic applications for yard ramps are (1) ground to trailer and (2) ground to top of dock. The ground to trailer approach is used to load and unload product while ground to top of dock is used to bring equipment into the warehouse or equipment […]

Keeping Food Grade Facilities and Their Products Protected from Damage

Food grade facilities have an important role in our lives — ensuring the food products we all know and love can make it through the entire manufacturing and distribution chain without damage. One of the biggest concerns for these warehouses is pests. While the FDA allows for certain concentrations of insect fragments in most food […]