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Modular Protective Barrier | Light Weight Guard Rails
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Modular Protective Barriers

HomeDock and Warehouse Safety Products — Modular Protective Barriers

Available in 20″ single or 42″ double rail design with guard rail lengths up to 10′.

Lightweight guard rails for easy lifting.

Optional floor rail is positioned 2″ off ground to deter pallet jack entry.

Rails / Posts

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Posts are boxed, and guard rails are individually sleeved to protect the product. Patent Pending guard rails Bluff Manufacturing reserves the right to make changes in specifications or designs consistent with product improvements.

MPBP20MPB 20″lnLine Post15
MPBP20CMPB 20″ Corner Post15
MPBP20EMPB 20″ End Post14
MPBP42DMPB 42″ Double Rail In-Line Post25
MPBP42DCMPB 42″ Double Rail Comer Post25
MPBP42DEMPB 42″ Double Rail End Post23
MPBPFLOORRAILOptional Floor Rail 11
MPBR4MPB Rail 4′45″48″56″17.6
MPBR6MPB Rail 6′69″72″80″27.0
MPBR8MPB Rail 8′93″96″104″36.4
MPBR10MPB Rail 10′117″120″128″45.8