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Raise your conveyor crossing to new heights of product quality and workplace safety. Bluff Manufacturing has your crossing covered…and elevated!

As a leading manufacturer of dock and warehouse material handling equipment, Bluff Manufacturing is exceptionally qualified to provide you with conveyor crossovers which are uniquely designed and manufactured with your application-specific needs in mind. Our modular designs will allow your personnel to safely crossover active conveyors at designated and approved locations, significantly reducing the potential for worker injury and dramatically enhancing the efficiency of workflow.

Routes of travel within job functions and conveyor operations, and duties such as maintenance or service, often require movement across conveyors, assembly lines, small machines, piping or other obstructions. Used in industrial applications, crossovers are the economical choice.

The modular construction of our conveyor crossovers allows for easy installation and lower maintenance costs. Because a Bluff conveyor crossover is designed specific to your needs, the customization includes capacities and configurations, specific widths and vertical clearances. These clearances range from conveyor height to an elevation which clears both the conveying surface AND the highest item expected to be conveyed. Alternate configurations include U-shaped, Z-shaped, L-shaped and M-shaped with intermediate landings where necessary, based on your crossover footprint restrictions.

Bluff’s Conveyor Crossovers meet all applicable safety requirements: